IToo Free: Course in Spanish to learn to program in COBOL from scratch

COBOL is an acronym that stands forCOmmonBusinessTHErientedLanguage (Common business oriented language).

It is designed for business development, usually file and application oriented. It is not designed for writing systems programs, such as an operating system or a compiler.

The COBOL language was developed with the main objective of achieving a programming language that could be used on any type of computer, and that it was also easier than its predecessors when executing it.

The COBOL programming language arose from the need to create a simpler and more universal language. A language that could be used for all types of computers, and also that it be directed preferentially to business environments.

COBOL language from 0

Learn the basics of the COBOL Language

4.7 (1819 ratings) 40670 students 21 lessons 4 hours of content

What you will learn

  • You will learn from 0 the basics of COBOL
  • Structured Programming
  • You will learn all about 5 sections and divisions that COBOL requires
  • Handling Sequential and Indexed Files in COBOL
  • We will create an executable application type ABM of Clients in COBOL

This course is available for free through the Itoo platform.

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  • Certificate of completion

Free course

  • Videos in Full HD
  • Certificate of completion

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