IToo Free: Spanish course on web development with PHP and MySQL

PHP is a programming language, what we use in the web development business to create interactive websites.

PHP is more suitable for interactive websites, high-end web development and online application development.

In simple terms, MySQL is a database administration system. It is used for the creation and administration of databases on servers.

PHP and MySQL work hand in hand to create rich Internet applications.

Like PHP, MySQL is also an open source technology, a fact that should inspire a lot of confidence in business owners.

PHP and MySQL web development is actually the driving force behind many of the most popular and successful sites on the internet., including those you visit every day.

Here's a look at some of the popular web destinations that are built with PHP and MySQL web development:

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Yahoo!
  • Flickr
  • Wikipedia

PHP and MySQL are not beginner technologies, but in the hands of an expert, can help in the development of more sophisticated websites you can imagine.

If you want to learn how to create websites with PHP and MySQL this course is for you.

Learn PHP and MySQL from scratch

Learn PHP and MySQL and build dynamic websites

What you will learn

  • You will learn the principles of programming with PHP from scratch and step by step, you don't need any prior knowledge
  • You will learn to connect PHP with the MySQL Database engine

This course is available for free through the Itoo platform.

Free courses on Itoo have a certain difference from paid courses, for example

Paid course

  • Videos in Full HD
  • Instructor support
  • Certificate of completion

Free course

  • Videos in Full HD
  • Certificate of completion

Remember to register on the Itoo platform to be able to obtain this course. To obtain the course for free, click on the following button:

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