Khan Academy: Free Algorithms Course

With the following course learn with a combination of articles, visualizations, quizzes and challenges about algorithms.

Khan Academy, is a free platform that allows anyone to study online for free regardless of their location.

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How do I register?

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  1. Introduction to Algorithms.
  2. Binary Search.
    • Practice: Binary search execution time.
  3. Asymptotic Notation.
    • Practice: Compare function growth.
    • Practice: Asymptotic notation.
  4. Sort by Selection.
  5. Insertion Sort.
  6. Recursive Algorithms.
  7. Hanoi Towers.
    • Practice: Move three discs in the Towers of Hanoi.
  8. Sort by mix.
  9. Quick sort.
  10. Graph representation.
    • Practice: Describe graphs.
    • Practice: Represent graphs.
  11. Search width.
  12. More learning.

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