The best value for money in the bathroom: This is the smart toilet of the Xiaomi brand

The Chinese Tech BrandXiaomi has developed a new smart toilet as part of its ecosystem productsInternet of Things (IoT, for its acronym in English).


This device, calledSmart Whale Wash Integrated Smart Toilet, is the property of the manufacturerBeijing Xiaowake Washing Technology, which in turn belongs to Xiaomi and is created so that it can function and be controlled through the user's smart mobile phone.

This toilet has, what's more, with a three-level heated lid, ceramic structure in the shape of a whale and a weight of 45 kg. Likewise, comes in white and has an IPX4 protection certification against liquids.

In this way, the toilet is also covered with a special coating to facilitate cleaning, as well as greater resistance to dirt, germs and, Thus, bad smells. Likewise, its cistern is 4,3 liters and operates automatically, so no need to flush.

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Inside, Similarly, contains a removable dual function valve: allow intimate cleansing with water, as well as a pressurized water and hot air system to clean and disinfect the area. This last function is called "Zero".

To control this functional toilet, the user will need the applicationMijia on your smartphone; that is to say, the Chinese version of "Mi Home". Nevertheless, to operate this toilet you can also use a touch panel that is attached to the wall.

Mijia is the application used to control all the devices ofInternet of Things de Xiaomi.

To run this toilet, Nevertheless, additional connections are also needed compared to a traditional one. Specific, a connection is required for the jet water, as well as plugging it into a power point so that all the mechanisms can turn on and carry out their cycles.

The cable for the current is 1,5 meters and requires to be connected to a point with power of 950 W.

On the other hand, the inode has a noise level of 52 dBa, but the jet has a retractable mechanism that helps to hide it, in addition to a movement to correctly distribute the water.

In this way, the jet can be controlled through the mobile phone or the control panel, to which speed adjustment can be made, and water temperature control.

Likewise, the toilet has two LED lights, very practical when visiting the bathroom at night, as well as an anti-shock system, that slowly closes the toilet seat by dropping it.

This toilet has an approximate cost of 7845.36 Mexican pesos, the bad news is that it is only commercially available in China.

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