The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile has launched an introductory course to programming in Python completely online

Know program it is a skill that has become necessary in our days, in addition to being a base tool for the development of other technologies and innovations.

Therefore, learn to program could be very useful to advance your professional career, or if you are a student, decide which way to go next.

The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, via Coursera, has the course available "Introduction to Programming in Python I: Learning to Program with Python”, aimed at those interested in knowing the fundamentals of the code in this computational language.

The Program has an approximate duration of 17 hours and divided into six weeks – o modules – study.

As the course progresses, students will acquire, in a practical and gradual way, knowledge ranging from treatment basic of variables until programming of algorithms for the construction of games.

What's more, at the end of the program they will be able to develop their own programs in Python through basic programming skills developed during each of the study modules.

In the first module, students will learn how idioms of programming allow communication with PC. What's more, know the origin and characteristics of language Python.

At the end, and after installing the PyCharm programming environment, they will be able to execute their first lines of code.

During the second stage, the basic data types ofPythonto build expressions that allow you to calculate new data and save it in variables in addition to usinginstructionsto interact with the user. Towards the end of the module, the students will haveprogrammedthe basic elements of your social network that will allow you to publish your first messages.

In the third module, they will learn how to useconditional statementsto control theflowofProgramplus iterative instructions to create programs that repeat instruction sets. While at the end of the fourth week, the students will already knowdevelopprograms usingfunctionsand creating your own.

During the last two weeks, fifth and sixth modules, students will create programs that manipulate text in addition to generating programs load data from a file and save the results to a new one.

They will also be able to create more complex programs using the concept of lists.; they will learn to manipulate them and extract information from the data stored in them. At the end of the sixth module, and the course, Students will have a social network where they can organize lists of friends and send messages to them.

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