The best code libraries to create graphical interfaces in Python

Creating graphical interfaces in Python can be a complicated task, mainly when choosing the ideal library for the task.

This time we bring you a list of code libraries to create graphical interfaces in Python.


Tkinter is a most famous library in the world of Python application development. This GUI framework comes integrated with Python and you don't need to install it separately.

The library is used to create GUI applications for computers and does not support mobile application development. The Tkinter framework is good for those who are new to Python and want to learn how to develop applications.


This is the most preferred Python GUI framework on which mobile and computer applications can be built. It is an Open GL framework and comes in the form of a third party library made by the Kivy community.

This library contains several functions that can help developers to create robust applications for their system.. The operating systems supported by this library are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ios y Raspberry Pi. It is very fast to run and contains cool widgets that can make the application look more beautiful.



PyQT is an amazing Python library that is used to create cross-platform applications for both computers and mobile devices and runs on the Qt framework developed by Nokia. This library comes in two versions that are paid and free.

The main drawback of the free version is the limitation of the functions it offers, but yes, it is suitable for a beginner to start with the free version. The operating systems it supports are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android y Zaurus.



This is another powerful Python GUI development tool that comes bundled with the Qt framework just like PyQT and helps developers build cross-platform applications with ease..

This also has a special feature: easily combined with PyQT 4 Y, Thus, helps developers switch from PyQT to PySide to build better applications. The operating systems supported by this library are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android y Maemo.



PySimpleGUI wraps the entirety of Tkinter, that comes with python. PySimpleGUI has wrapped most of PySide2, but only a small part of wxPython.

When you install PySimpleGUI, get the variant Tkinter by default. For more information about Tkinter, see Python GUI Programming with Tkinter .

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