This is the oldest programming language in the world

Today in all our devices we use programs or applications. From the WhatsApp of our cell phone, even the Word and Excel of our computers.

But, How are these programs created? Okay, it's all thanks to programming languages.

A programming language is a formal language, that from a series of instructions and syntax allows a programmer to give controlled commands to a computer.

Programming languages ​​allow us to communicate all orders to a computer in a simpler and more understandable way for humans..

There are many programming languages (let's not even mention JavaScript frameworks), and they are classified in two ways: High level and low level.

In a simple way, low-level programming languages ​​are those that serve as a more direct communication between hardware and software. To be able to handle them it is necessary to have a high knowledge of Hardware.

Some examples of low-level languages ​​are: Machine language and assembly language.

Conversely, High-level programming languages ​​are those that greatly facilitate the work of programming since they use a syntax and instructions that are easier to understand.

Generally, programming languages ​​are used to package instructions to the computer, which are known at the end as programs (software).

Throughout the history of computing there have been hundreds of programming languages, some have remained to date and others have fallen into oblivion and disuse.

What is the oldest programming language?

FORmula TRANslation or FORTRAN was created by John Backus and is considered the oldest programming language in use today.

The programming language was created for scientific calculations, high-level mathematicians and statisticians. FORTRAN is still used today in some of the most advanced supercomputers in the world..

But only FORTRAN is considered the oldest STILL IN USE, Therefore, if we review the history of computing a little more thoroughly, we will see that there was another language prior to it..


The Plankalkül (Calculation of Programs) is a high-level programming language that is considered the first programming language.

It was designed by Konrad Zuse in Germany, between 1941 Y 1945 in his doctoral thesis "General Computing Theory" but did not publish it until 1972 because he was working on his Z4 computer and his company Zuse KG.

This language was initially intended for their Z1 computers, world's first programmable mechanical computer, y Z2, mechanical computer, but with some telephone relays, both of which were from the first computers in history.

But Plankalkül never went beyond being a theoretical language, Well, it was never implanted since until 1998 the first compiler was not developed.

Unfortunately the work of Konrad Zuse is not so well known and has passed unnoticed in the flow of time. Even so, we can confirm that Plankalkül is the first programming language (theoretical) of history.

And for you, which is the oldest programming language in history?

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