Free book: Automate the boring stuff with Python available for legal download

If you've ever spent hours renaming files or updating hundreds of spreadsheet cells, you know how tedious tasks like these can be. But, What if you could have your computer do them for you?

In Automate Boring Things With Python, you will learn how to use Python to write programs that do in minutes what would take hours to do by hand, no need for prior programming experience.

Once you've mastered the basics of programming, create Python programs that effortlessly perform useful and impressive automation feats for:

  • Search for text in a file or multiple files
  • Cree, update, move and rename files and folders
  • Search the web and download content online
  • Update and format data in Excel spreadsheets of any size
  • Share, fuse, watermark and encrypt PDF files
  • Send email reminders and text notifications
  • Fill out forms online

Step-by-step instructions guide you through each program, and the practice projects at the end of each chapter challenge you to improve those programs and use your new skills to automate similar tasks.

Don't waste your time doing work that a well-trained monkey could do.

Even if you have never written a line of code, can make your computer do the heavy lifting. Learn How to Automate Boring Things With Python.

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