Free Book: Fundamentals of Programming

If you want to start from 0, in the world of programming we recommend the following book.

Which is composed of a compilation of notes from the subject of Fundamentals of Programming taught at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Complutense University. And it is written by Luis Hernández Yáñez.


  1. Computers and programming.
  2. Types and Instructions I – Annexed: Technical details of the types.
  3. Types and Instructions II – Anexo I: The ternary operator and Annex II: Examples of sequences.
  4. Procedural abstraction – Annexed: More about applets.
  5. Structured data types – Annexed: C-style chains.
  6. Traversal and searching in arrays.
  7. Sort algorithms – Annexed: More on sorting.
  8. Modular programming – Annexed: Modularization example.
  9. Pointers and dynamic memory – Annexed: Pointers and dynamic memory.
  10. Introduction to recursion.

The main languages ​​with which it is exemplified are C and C ++.

You can download it in the following link -> Fundamentals of Programming

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