Free Book: PHP and MySQL Lab

This book is aimed at all those people, be they students or professionals who wish to learn about PHP and MySQL.


  1. Implementation of a DBMS and a local web server
    • Implementation of a DBMS and a local server
    • Implementation of a DBMS for Windows (WAMP)
    • Implementation of a DBMS for Ubuntu GNU / Linux
  2. Object orientation in PHP
    • Why use PHP OO?
    • Code organization
    • Code reuse
    • Multiplicity
    • Inheritance
    • Visibility
    • Class overload
    • Builders and Destroyers
  3. Using HTML forms to submit and collect data
    • Introduction to CGI and its environment
    • Use of HTML / XHTML forms
    • Read data from a form with PHP
  4. Web development with PHP and MySQL
    • Bar chart with PHP and HTML
    • Dynamic multilanguage web
    • Form to send the data to a Gmail account
    • The previous form with anti-spambots security code (captcha)
    • Geolocation with GeoIp and Google Maps
  5. Attachments
    • Annexed 1: Use of the UOC's remote server as DBMS and Internet server
    • Annexed 2: Virtual machines

Manual Summary

You will learn how to install a Database Management System locally in your operating system.

For this, the manual system will be composed of:

  • Windows 95/98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista operating system.
  • Apache as a web server.
  • PHP as Apache extension module to access the database.
  • MySQL as a database server.

The manual was written by Piero Berni Millet and Dídac Gil de la Iglesia who are interested in facilitating the reader, installing the complete system from scratch.

So that once the 4 installation processes, the objective of the guide will have been fulfilled. Where it will culminate in the creation of a simple web connected to a database.

It's free!

This book is licensed under Creative Commons, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting access and exchange of culture, free of charge. 1

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