Lightning Network: How It Works And How To Install An LN Node

The following course is free for a limited time, in it you will learn how to mount a Bitcoin node and an LN node.

It will be taught by Jose Manuel Arenillas, "I write in Bitcoineando and Systems Administrator".

The Lightning Network is a network of decentralized nodes used for instant, high-volume micropayments that eliminates the risk of delegating custody of funds to a third party.

Jose Arenilla

Somehow take advantage of the advantages of Bitcoin (use of crypto, decentralization, adaptation) eliminating its drawbacks (scalability, time, costs) since the transactions are recorded by that trusted third party and not by the nodes that make up the main network.

Jose Arenilla

In this Lighting Network course we are going to learn how to install a node, both bitcoin (necessary for “run” la red LN) as from the LN itself. You will see how it is easier than you thought by following the instructions.

Jose Arenilla


Course content

  • Introduction to Lighting Network
  • Bitcoin node installation
  • LN node installation

This course has a total of 3 videos, with an approximate total duration of 26 minutes.

Learn to assemble and take advantage of this cryptocurrency in less than half an hour.

Be part of more than a thousand students enrolled in this course with an assessment of 4.6/ stars.

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