FREE Internship Manual: TCP/IP

Which contains a set of laboratory exercises for the configuration of network protocols.

These practices are beginner level.

Table of Contents

  • OSPF
    • The OSPF Protocol
    • OSPF en Quagga
    • De Quagga laboratory
  • BGP
    • BGP en Quagga
    • Laboratory in BGP
  • Traffic control
    • Traffic Control on Linux
    • Traffic Control Laboratory
  • Virtual private networks
    • Virtual Private Networks in IPsec
    • VPN Lab

The exercises are intended to be performed on Linux machines. To make testing these exercises easier, the NetGUI network emulation environment will be used.

You can download or view it in the following link.

*In the link you will see the manual to download it you must be at 3/4 of the page to see the download link.

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