Free Manual: MySQL. Notes for Professionals

This free manual, It is aimed at all those people, be they students or professionals of the databases who wish to have a documentation base of tips and tricks about MySQL.

The present book, is compiled from Stack Overflow documentation.


  1. Getting started with MySQL
  2. Type of data
  3. Select (Queries)
  4. Inverted quotes
  5. NULL
  6. Limit and Offset
  7. Creating Databases
  8. Using Variables
  9. Comments in MySQL
  10. Insert (Inserts)
  11. Delete (Eliminations)
  12. Update (Upgrades)
  13. Order By (Ordering)
  14. Group By (Grouping)
  15. Errors in Clauses
  16. Joins (Union)
  17. Joins: Join 3 Tables with the Same Id.
  18. Union (Combination)
  19. Arithmetic
  20. Strings Operations (chains)
  21. Date and time operations (date,time)
  22. Time Zone Management
  23. Regular expressions
  25. Table Creation
  26. Alter Tables (alter table)
  27. Delete Tables (drop)
  28. Lock Tables
  29. Types of Frequent Errors
  30. Stored Routines (Procedures and Functions)
  31. Keys
  32. Full Text Search
  33. JSON
  34. Extract values ​​from a JSON Type
  35. MySQL administrator
  36. Triggers (Triggers)
  37. Configuration and Commissioning
  38. Events & Events
  39. ENUM (Enumeration)
  40. Install Mysql container with Docker-Compose
  41. Character Sets and Collations
  42. Motor MyISAM
  43. Converting MyISAM to InnoDB
  44. Transactions
  45. Log files
  46. Grouping
  47. Division
  48. Replication
  49. Backup using mysqldump
  50. Import MySQL
  51. File Upload
  52. MySQL Unions
  53. MySQL client
  54. Temporary Tables
  55. Customize PS1
  56. Handling scarce or missing data
  57. Connection with UTF-8 using various programming languages
  58. Time with subsecond precision
  59. One to many
  60. Server Information
  61. SSL connection setup
  62. Create a New User
  63. User permits
  64. Change Passwords
  65. Recover and Reset the password of the default user (root)
  66. Recover and Reset a user's password
  67. MySQL performance tips
  68. Performance Optimization

Contains almost 200 pages where they will teach you professional tips and tricks.

It's free!

This book is licensed under Creative Commons, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting access and exchange of culture, free of charge. 1

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It should be noted that the book or manual is in English., but it is not an obstacle to use.

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