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Python is a programming language that is widely used by many technology companies today.

Although there are many other programming languages ​​to choose from, Python is one of the most popular languages.

There are many reasons why Python is so popular, but the main reason is that it is very easy to learn. It is also very flexible and versatile.

Python is an open source and dynamic programming language. It is an interpreted language, which means it allows developers to write code without compiling first.

It supports a wide range of computing capabilities and is very popular in the field of data science and machine learning..

Python Mega Course: From beginner to Python expert 3

Python programming from beginner to advanced. MongoDB, SQLite, List, Tuple, Python OOP, Python Online Training con Python 3

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in learning to program in Python
  • Programmers switching languages ​​to Python.


  • Basic IT knowledge
  • Access to a computer with an Internet connection.

What you will learn

  • ¡Learn to use udemy python professionally, learning so much python 2 like Python 3!
  • Learn the advanced functions of Python, like the collections module and how to work with Pymongo!
  • Python list slice, Python dictionary methods, python dictionary annex
  • Python list
  • Go from Beginner to Advanced in Python Programming learning all the basics of Object Oriented Programming.
  • And much more!!!!

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