Microsoft is offering a grant from 100% and free international certification in Azure to engineering students

Microsoft invites you to the first edition of the specialized cycle of virtual Innovation, where students will obtain through an exam, the International Azure AZ certification 900, linked to the industry 4.0.

Likewise, for those who are in the last semester, completing your thesis or finishing your degree, They will be given the support of a Talent Agent to develop their soft skills and get a job at the end.

Solution architecture with Azure

Learn to solve business problems using the vast power that the Azure cloud and its combination with various services offer you.

Artificial intelligence with Azure

Learn how to implement and take advantage of AI services in the cloud, use Cognitive Services and design custom solutions with the power of artificial intelligence in Microsoft Azure.

Data science with Azure

Learn how to make the most of your data, design experiments, build recommendation systems and deploy cloud solutions with the power of Microsoft Azure.


  • Study an engineering or technology career.
  • Belong to a public higher education institution in the country.
  • Have notions about programming.
  • Have at least two hours a day for a month to prepare and certify in AZ 900.

Benefits you will get

  • Training process in just one month.
  • Full payment of the Azure fundamentals AZ international Certification test 900.
  • 100 dollars in Azure credits.
  • Student Developer Pack with value of 2,000 Dollars.
  • Free soft skills recognition test.

Get your scholarship from 100% registering:

You have until 31 of January of 2021

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