Microsoft has released two new Python courses for beginners on video completely free

Python is one of the most popular languages, and many technology companies use it in their processes, and even several of them are dedicated to teaching Python to their employees, and also the general public.

On the internet we can find a large number of courses, are free or paid, but it is always satisfactory to follow a course taught by some of the leading companies in the technology field.

Microsoft has released two more series ofPython for beginners in the form of two three-hour courses on YouTube, that add to the Python series for beginners of 44 parts that released last fall.

These courses are primarily aimed at programmers with a basic level of understanding of Python and who may have previously coded in JavaScript.. The series is namedMore Python for Beginners, and consists of 20 videos that last between two minutes and 15 minutes each.

The new series are presented by Christopher Harrison, senior program manager at Microsoft, y Susan Ibach, business development manager of Microsoft's AI Gaming unit.

The second of the two new series is titledEven More Python for Beginners: Data Tools, follows the same format and consists of 31 videos.

The goal is to help students build a toolkit to enter the world of data science and machine learning using Python, with instructions on how to use Python and associated tools within the Azure cloud.

You can find the other parts in the following links:

Python for beginners.
Advanced python.

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  1. I would like to learn about bookstores, especially Simpy in python to develop my project

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