Microsoft offers free courses to learn JavaScript Node.js

Microsoft has released 26 new short videos on YouTube that offer beginners a way to learn about Node.js, the server-side JavaScript runtime environment for building applications and services that run and run outside of the browser.

In the new Node.js series, Microsoft promises to provide the tools to “learn Node.js early on with a strong focus on practice”. 

And it's also good to be a “complete beginner at Node.js”, but students are expected to know the basics of JavaScript.

Node.js uses Chrome's Google JavaScript V8 engine to execute JavaScript code outside of the browser.

The Node.js course teaches beginners what they need to know to build things like web servers, microservices, command line applications, interfaces web, drivers for database access, desktop applications that use Electron, IoT client and server libraries for single board computers like Raspberry Pi, machine learning models and more.  

The modules include an introduction to Node.js that explains what it is, how it works and when it might be useful. The second module explains how to use the dependencies obtained from the NPM registry, while the third takes the students to debug Node.js applications with the built-in debugger and the debugger available in the Visual Studio Code editor (VS Code) from Microsoft.

The fourth and fifth modules teach students how to work with files and directories in Node.js applications and how to build a web API with Node.js and the Express.js framework to add things like authentication..

Other videos show how to configure VS Code for Node.js development, how to create new Node.js projects, how to use NPM scripts for automation and how to create an API that receives the JavaScript Object Notation data exchange format (JSON) with Node.js and Express.  

You can access the course at Youtube on here.

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