NASA: Free introductory Python programming course available to everyone

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in recent years. Its simplicity in conjunction with how easy it is to write programs (even complex) has given him great fame and trust among programmers.

For many, Python is an ideal programming language for those who want to learn to program.

Even in many schools in the United States and Europe Python is used to teach children to program.

And it is that only a basic search is enough either in Google or YouTube on introductory courses to programming and most of them will point to a particular language: Python.

But it is not only for beginners, Python is of great importance in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence, in addition to being used to automate tasks and processes in an easy and simple way, which even in other languages ​​could be complicated and time consuming..

Python is trusted by many large companies: Google, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify are some of them.

But, for example, There are others that, in addition to using it, help more people learn to program in Python through free courses. As is the case with Microsoft, which continuously offers updated courses on this language..

At Facialix we have listed multiple programming courses offered by various technology-related companies, but in this case we have to talk about a course offered by NASA.

The NCSS (NASA Climate Simulation Center) offers different Python programming courses, all this as a close collaboration for the training of your own staff.

Although most of the available courses are closed only to qualified and approved personnel, we have found one that is available to the public in a self-assessment process.

This is a beginner-oriented course in Python, where in a collaborative way they will be taught about various aspects of Python programming.

Python course for beginners to programmers

This crash course is designed for participants who want to quickly learn the basics of the Python language and be able to use Python-related tools for their work.

The following topics will be covered: type of data, conditional statements, loops, functions, modules, date and time module and E / S basic with text file.

Previous requirements: Ability to program in another language (C, C ++, Fortran, Java, Matlab, IDL, etc.). 

Participants are also expected to be able to manipulate a web browser, open a command prompt window or terminal window and edit text files.

A Gmail account is required.

To take this course, It is expected that:

  • Have a Gmail account (necessary to have access to Google Colaboratory). Everything will be taught through Google's cloud-based Jupyter notebook.
  • Install the Anaconda Python distribution on your local machine. It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. We recommend that you install the Anaconda Python distribution by following the instructions in: Anaconda Installation Guide

To go to the course just click on the following button:

At the end of the course an evaluation is necessary, where the ideal is to obtain a grade equal to or greater than 80:

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