In the prro: This alarm clock created with a Raspberry is “turn around” every time you try to turn it off

We all hate the sound of the alarm clock in the morning, and more when we wake up, therefore it can be very annoying to try to turn it off and not be able to turn it off.

That was the hearing nightmare facing YouTuber Burke McCabe.. But instead of solving the problem, He decided, Raspberry Pi community style, go one step further.

The inventor of the watch holds it with the back facing the camera to show us how it works and looks at it.

On the back of the clock, along with the built-in mechanism that controls the watch arms, Burke added a Raspberry Pi to control a motor, that you connected to a webcam.

The webcam was programmed using the open computer vision library OpenCV to detect every time a human face is seen. Why does a watch need to know when someone looks at it? We will get to that.

First, more on how that webcam works. OpenCV detects when a pair of eyes is in view of the webcam for three consecutive frames.

You have to look at it Really , not just pass it, that is to say, you should try to tell the time. When this happens, the Raspberry Pi turns the connected motor 180 degrees and rotate again.

Burke has created a watch that, when you look at it to tell the time, falls off the wall.

We know: you want yours. We also. Fortunately, Burke responded to calls in the comments on his original video for a more detailed technical tutorial., Y, chico, delivered it.

In his video tutorial, you can see the full Burke setup well, including extra batteries to make sure your Raspberry Pi gets enough power, tips on getting familiar with the code and even the slots your different colored cables need.

And muchs, a lot of duct tape. If you liked this, could you subscribe to his channel YouTube.

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