Oferta IToo: Develop your first video game step by step with C ++

As a developer, one of the most complicated tasks, but at the same time more fun is video game programming.

We have all dreamed of creating our own video game. With current programming languages ​​there are a large number of options to take into account for the development of video games.

And not only that, it is also important to choose the perfect courses and tutorials to start learning about game development.

If you want to learn how to create your first video game, the next course is for you.

C ++ 2D Arcade Video Game Development step by step

you will learn to develop from 0 in multimedia environment, with c ++, allegro, codeblocks, ttf2pcx y grabber.

  • 4.2 (102 ratings)
  • 7375 students
  • 21 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of content

What you will learn

  • They will learn to develop from 0, an Arkanoid-type video game, with graphical environment, sound and effects.
  • They will learn how to create different levels, with different screens every time. and greater difficulty.
  • They will learn how to install and configure CodeBlocks and Allegro.
  • They will learn to encapsulate our fonts in a .DAT file thanks to Grabber.
  • They will learn the algorithms to calculate the trajectory of our brick breaker ball.
  • They will learn to handle types of fonts, sounds, and images in C ++
  • They will learn the use of images, sprites, transparencies.

This course is available on the Itoo platform with a great discount for less than 9 Dollars. Your quality education is worth it.

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