Peppermint OS: A free Linux distro with Microsoft and Google apps

When we get a new computer, depending on the brand or manufacturer, we have two choices when it comes to operating systems: Windows y Mac OS, and we could also mention that some manufacturers are daring to add Ubuntu on their computers.

Be it for better or for worse, we must choose one of these operating systems, between its pros and cons, being in one of them deprives us or limits us of the services or applications that the other has.

For example, Linux users, have little or no access to specific Windows applications. Even so, Have you imagined an option that contains the versatility of Linux, but with the applications of Microsoft, and even those of Google?

We introduce you to Peppermint a distribution with the Linux kernel, free and with Microsoft and Google applications.

Microsoft brings your office software to Peppermint, where can we find in the: Microsoft Excel online, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft PowerPoint y Microsoft Word. All these applications have shortcuts or links to access their web app versions, the only one that is conspicuous by its absence is Microsoft Access.

Peppermint also comes bundled with Google apps and tools. For example, includes Google Calendar. WithGoogle Calendar you will have access to the creation of reminders, important dates and other functionalities of Google Calendar.

E-mail services cannot be absent, that is why Google offers Gmail services, so you can use your email account and also obtain the security of this service.

We also have the DropBox option in the cloud storage part sponsored by the Redmond company through Nemo, the file manager.

It also includes shortcuts to web apps like Facebook, Seesmic, Google Docs, etc, or from Hulu and Pandora. But next to the web apps, there are also shortcuts to local applications, like Dropbox, VLC, Transmission, XChat…


The hardware requirements are: 192 MB of RAM and only 4 GB of disk space, pulling high.

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