The use of cell phone signal inhibitors is prohibited, radio communication and data transmission

It is normal that in many places, cell phone signal block devices exist: Schools, government agencies, airports, and else. Normally these measures are taken for security of the place, although this can be annoying for many people.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation in Mexico, published the decree that formalizes the prohibition of using, manufacture, marketing or possessing blockers (known as jammers) or devices that cancel cell phone signals, radiocommunication or data or image transmission.

Those persons who violate the provision will be sentenced to penalties between the 12 a 15 year s and 15 a 18 years if the crime is committed by a public servant.

The new mandate leaves only the social rehabilitation centers excluded from this fulfillment that will come into force this Saturday 25 of January of 2020, with the warning that individuals who own these devices have 30 days to deliver them to the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, destroy them or exclude them from the country.

Article 190 Bis indicates that “The manufacture of, commercialization, acquisition, as well as the installation, carrying, use and operation of equipment that blocks, cancel or override cell phone signals, radiocommunication or data or image transmission ".

It is specified that "With the exception of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, manufacture can be instructed, commercialization, acquisition, installation, transportation for the use and operation by the authorities in charge of the social reintegration centers, prisons or detention center for minors.

Text taken from: Excelsior

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