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R is a powerful and open source programming language used for statistical analysis, data modeling and data visualization.

It can be used by anyone with basic programming knowledge to produce data analysis quickly and efficiently.

The R programming language is used by people from various disciplines of data science, including marketing, the finances, bioinformatics, sociology and others.

This course is intended to share knowledge and experience with you in this programming language and also to show how it can be a good starting point for anyone starting out in the world of data science..

Programming R: for data science with real exercises

Learn to program in R and R Studio. Analysis of data, data science, statistic analysis, packages, functions, GGPlot2

Who is this course for?

  • Database Administrator, database developer, data scientist, data engineer


  • Basic knowledge of any programming language as specifically graphic, vector, chart type, median, medias.

What you will learn

  • TO deepen your understanding of R language basics and packages and lots of practical examples

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