Raspbian XP: A version of Linux similar to Windows XP and running on a Raspberry

Windows XP was a good operating system, longed for by many and hated by others, mark a change in the operation and design of Microsoft's operating system. Although it sounds strange, there are many users who still use it, even if it has been without support for several years. But now, we bring you the news of a project developed by a YouTube channel, which developed a version of the Linux raspbian operating system that roughly resembles Windows XP.

While you can't have the full Windows XP experience on a Raspberry Pi, It issistema operativo Linux Raspbian XP Professional (YOU) from Pi Lab is definitely coming. It is designed to run on Raspberry Pi 4, the only model powerful enough to handle it.

Linux Raspbian XP Professional comes with a number of features reminiscent of the old XP operating system. It has a full start menu with a usable search bar at the top. All menus, icons and task bars have the classic bubbly XP. They even included the full LibreOffice suite instead of Microsoft Office.

As it comes to Raspbian with an XP overlay, you will not be able to run XP applications as is. Nevertheless, It is possible to run Windows software from that era. You just need the correct emulator. If you want to run a native Windows application, you can use Windows built-in virtual machine 98.

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The operating system is preloaded with various emulation platforms, as BOX86, that can run older PC games. You can also take advantage of other emulators, as DOSBox, Mupen64 and MAME. When connecting a USB controller, the whole system works like a retro game console.

This is still a work in progress, so expect some updates in the future. Meanwhile, check out the current build and see what it's all about. You can visit thecanal official ofPi Lab en YouTube for installation details and new editions.

If you want to see the video about how it works, you can do it below:

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