Be a Microsoft Excel Expert in 3 Steps with HyperExcel

Become a specialist in this great tool, just in three easy steps.

Course Description and Content

This course will be taught by Edwin Lindsay Montero, Systems Engineer – Excel instructor.

Learn to define linear structures, know the branching formulas, the Dashboard tool and other new features that Excel brings in its most recent version.

Edwin montero

EXPERT IN EXCEL IN THREE STEPS is a simple compact course oriented for basic and advanced Excel users, It is an innovative approach to the application of the Excel tool oriented towards the Analysis of Information Flow, from where this is generated either in a system external to Excel or loaded by the user himself until its optimal outcome in the reports that are needed for decision making.

Edwin montero

With this course you will learn:

  • Define linear structures (Database).
  • Establish basis of how data should be stored in Microsoft Excel.
  • Knowledge of Bifurcation formulas: Search V, Choose, And.

It starts with almost a thousand students enrolled in this course with an assessment of 4.5/5 stars.

The course only has one unit divided into 3 videos, which has by name:

  • Excel Expert in Three Steps

It has an approximate total duration of 1 hour.

To your rhythm! The course does not have a specific duration, so you can take it today and finish it whenever you want.

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