Stanford offers free online Python Programming classes

As an act of community service during the COVID-19 pandemic, computer science professor Mehran Sahami and assistant professor Chris Piech will offer the public a version abbreviated, online only, Introductory Computer Course CS 106A to the Public for Free This Spring.

Class, that instructors have titled “Code in Place”, will be taught in the Python programming language and is accepting applications for “anyone in the world” that has at least 18 years and have access to a computer.

“This is a really difficult time for a lot of people.”, Piech said. And we think that for some people trapped at home, learning to code is not only reasonable, but it could be a great thing to do; They could be students with intellectual curiosity or adults wanting a new skill for the workforce “.

Ali Malik is one of the many Stanford students involved in the project. COVID-19 presents educators with a unique opportunity to develop and enhance virtual learning, Malik said.

“We have a great opportunity to discover ways that people can learn effectively online, ways that might be at odds with traditional online course methods”, He said.

“And at a time when people are locked out due to COVID-19, looks like there could be a big impact by providing good learning resources”.

Code in Place is a unique offer that will last for five weeks from the 13 April to 22 of May.

To apply, interested persons can complete a learning exercise.


The registration date has ended so new students are no longer accepted, the good news is that all classes have been uploaded to YouTube, so that anyone can see them as many times as they want.

Although Code in Place offers video conferences every week, instructors say that what distinguishes their learning experience from other free online coding programs is its component of “live interactive teaching”.

“Adding the leading component of the section to eLearning gives it a human touch”, Piech said. “And this is what is lacking in online education. You can participate in a chat room, but it is not the same as a Zoom call with other 10 people who are going through the same experience with you “. 

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