SuperGamer V5: The Linux distro for gaming based on Ubuntu

SuperGamer is a live DVD currently based on Ubuntu (previously based on VectorLinux), designed to deliver and run games on Linux, that is to say, this distribution is designed for gamers.

You can run the most popular games, known in Linux, for example: Quake Wars, Doom 3, Prey, Unreal Tournament, Quake 4, Savage 2, Postal 2, Enemy Territory, Penumbra Black Plague, Sauerbraten y Urban Terror.

SuperGamer 5 released based on Ubuntu 19.10 Y 5.3 kernel

The layout is optimized for a gaming computer environment, with some tweaks to help speed up live DVD playback.

The new version of SuperGamer is based on Ubuntu 19.10, with a recent Linux kernel (version 5.3) and an Xfce user interface 4.14 with a Whisker menu.

What's more, this update includes installers for Steam, Lutris y PlayOnLinux, in addition to cleaning its appearance.

UEFI support now works in live mode.

While the previous version included some demo and open source games, the latest version does not; Nevertheless, Steam, GOG Games and The Humble Bundle can be easily installed.

Although the live image does not come with any pre-installed games, does include scripts to download and install various popular gaming platforms, as Steam, Lutris (an open source gaming platform for Linux) y PlayOnLinux (A Wine Layer Software compatibility to install Windows-based video games and other software on Linux).

You can go to the official website of the project where you can get the link of system image download.

Regarding the requirements for the optimal functioning of the distribution, we need at least

  • A processor with architecture of 64 dual-core bits or higher processor.
  • RAM with 2 GB or more.
  • Hard drive space with at least 50 GB of storage space.

For more information on this version of the distribution, visit the release note .

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