Tutorial: Learn Hacking with Python in just three and a half hours for free

Python is a very popular programming language among pentesters and computer security enthusiasts, but also among cybercriminals who seek to detect and exploit vulnerabilities for as long as possible.

The knowledge required to compromise a system is increasing and learning about computer security is a challenge that many cybercriminals are facing in their day to day.

Professional hackers and pentesters must rise to that challenge, too.

Python is a general-purpose scripting language that has gained immense popularity among professionals and beginners for its simplicity and powerful libraries..

Python is incredibly versatile and can be used for almost any type of programming.

Python can be used anywhere and everywhere. In fact, NASA uses Python to program its space equipment and machinery.

Python can also be used to process text, show numbers or pictures, solve scientific equations and save data. In summary, Python is used behind the scenes to process a large number of items that you may need or find on your devices.

Complete Python Hacking Tutorial is a three and a half hour YouTube video tutorial, where you will learn various topics, including VirtualBox installation, Kali Linux installation, installing guest additions, Python in Kali terminal, Bruteforcing Gmail, hidden directory search, thread control and much more.

You will also learn the steps and techniques of how hackers steal saved wireless passwords., which in turn will help you understand more about the process and methods.

You can go to the video using the following link:

Or see it directly:

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