Tutorial: QtDesigner with CSS and PyQT5 / PySide2

Now it is much easier to be able to create graphical interfaces with Python, and this time, you are going to learn how to create a simple GUI taking advantage of some visual and CSS tricks to style our GUI to make it look as professional as possible.

All we need is a virtual environment, QtDesigner, PyQT5 or PySide2 and program!.

In itself, in this tutorial we are only going to see how the graphical interface is made, soon it will be published how to start programming on it and give it functionalities to be able to create our desktop projects, for both Windows, Mac y Linux.

In a very simple way we can integrate CSS and in the video we can also see how to solve an RCC problem that PySide2 has by integrating PyQT5.

You will find the repository link by doing click here 🙂

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