GNU / LINUX tutorials: Hacking for beginners


The next book or manual, contains a collection of tutorials with instructions for:

  • User administration
  • File Systems
  • Backup copies
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Software installation
  • Network monitoring
  • Problem resolution
  • Security
  • Script programming and tools
It hackers

The purpose for which this material is shared, is to have a source of reference to use as a reference when managing your GNU / Linux operating system.

The tutorials you will find, They are based on the GNU / Linux Debian distributions 7 y Ubuntu 14.04.


  1. Using the command line
  2. Install GNU / Linux applications
  3. Use GNU / Linux applications
  4. Administer GNU / Linux
  5. Troubleshoot GNU / Linux
  6. Security in GNU / Linux
  7. Programming in GNU / Linux

If you want to know more about the topics, we recommend you to see the following gallery.

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