Ubuntu Touch: a mobile operating system that has gone unnoticed

When we hear about mobile operating systems, The best known ones such as android and IOS always come to our mind and Windows Phone may also (rest in peace), but there are more variants and options, one of them is Ubuntu Touch, this system that by its name reminds us of the desktop version

The king of the desktop GNU / Linux world, Ubuntu decided to expand its territory with its open source mobile operating system, Ubuntu Touch.

Taking into account convergence, Canonical (Ubuntu's parent company) ambitiously launched a crowdfunding campaign for 32 million dollars to build the first Ubuntu Phone, Edge.

Although he did not get the desired amount, set a new record, more than 12 million dollars committed to the campaign.

After the failure of the crowdfunding campaign, Canonical partnered with some device makers to launch Ubuntu Phone.

Spanish manufacturer BQ became the creator of the first device to run Ubuntu Touch in February 2015. It was soon followed by the Chinese manufacturer Meizu.

Those first devices were aimed at developers, which is the reason why I advised people not to buy the BQ Ubuntu Phone at the time.

Two years and a few Ubuntu-based phones later, Canonical finally decided to drop its mobile operating system. Nevertheless, UBports keeps trying to keep Ubuntu Touch alive.

Thanks to the efforts of UBports, Ubuntu Touch recently saw the OTA update 10. There are a handful of devices that are compatible with Ubuntu Touch.

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