Udemy Free: Mobile application development course in Spanish with Kotlin

The development of mobile applications has become popular thanks to the great accessibility of smartphones.

They exist in all colors and sizes, accessible to all the public from different ranges.

Android is the most popular and most used operating system among smartphones, This is because it is compatible with almost any device regardless of its size or available hardware..

Thanks to that, mobile app developers are mostly geared towards Android-based app development.

Java has been the base programming language for developing Android applications for many years., But with the passage of time, both frameworks and other languages ​​have emerged that are also capable of developing applications for Android..

Kotlin is a static type open source programming language targeting JVM, Android, JavaScript y Native.


It is developed by JetBrains. The project started in 2010 and it was open source very early. The first official release 1.0 it was in february 2016.

Kotlin for Beginners

Learn to program in Kotlin COMO RAYO with a course 100% PRACTICAL

In this course you will learn to program Kotlin FASTER THAN WITH ANY OTHER COURSE.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to learn to program from scratch.
  • Those who know how to program in another language, but they want to learn in Kotlin.
  • Those who want to develop applications on Android, but first they need to know kotlin.


  • Having knowledge of programming would be of great help, although it is not necessary.
  • Knowing some English would also help, although not necessary.

What you will learn

  • You will know how to use the main Kotlin.
  • You will learn the essential concepts of object-oriented programming, which will allow you to understand other languages (Java, Python, etc.) more easily.
  • You will know how to use IntelliJ IDEA, one of the most used IDE's in the world for programming. Android Studio is a version of this IDE. You will learn tricks, shortcuts and programming tips that will be very useful in your career as a programmer.
  • You will be ready to specialize in Android or in some other of the Kotlin c.

This course is available for free without the need for any coupon, through the "FREE" option.

We recommend that you first read the differences between a free and a paid course to avoid misunderstandings:

Free courses

  • Online video content

Paid courses

  • Online video content
  • Certificate of completion
  • Instructor Questions and Answers
  • Direct message to the instructor

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