UFO Concept: A portable gaming computer developed by Alienware

At CES 2020, the Alienware company showed a new prototype portable console, the UFO Concept.

It's a Windows gaming PC 10 complete, reduced to a form factor very similar to a Nintendo Switch , complete with detachable controllers and a dock for connecting to a TV or monitor.

The UFO consists of four pieces: there is a head unit that has an eight inch 1200p screen; Battery; and all graphics and processing hardware.

There are two controllers, that connect via a pleasantly solid magnetic rail system. And there is a unit “hub” which is similar to the Joy-Con controller grip, which allows the two halves of the controller to be combined into a single controller for playing on the main unit (what, like the switch, has a built-in kickstand ) or on a connected monitor.

The USB-C ports are located on the top and bottom of the UFO, which can be used to charge the device and connect it to an external monitor. Since the Concept UFO runs Windows 10 normal, you can also use those ports to connect a mouse and keyboard to use as a normal PC.

Everything weighs less than a kilogram which is comfortable enough to spend a good time playing with it.

The UFO runs a custom launcher on top of Windows 10, but the underlying software is still standard Windows: launching a game like Rocket League en actually shows the usual Steam start dialog.

Alienware declined to discuss any of the hardware that powers the UFO, so we don't have a great idea what kind of specs are offered here or what caliber of gaming it can run.

There is no confirmation that Alienware is going to turn UFO into a real product. At this time, the prototype is just that: a prototype. But even at this early stage, is a bold vision of what the future of PC gaming could one day look like.

Source: The verge

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