Huawei University: Free course to learn to program in Python from scratch

The Basic Python Programming Course is a pre-learning course for the HCIA-AI certification course. This course focuses on history, the characteristics and fields of application of the Python language.

Students can learn the basic syntax and advanced usage of Python and learn the modules that are frequently used in Python programming, like pandas, scipy y Scikit-learn.

At the end of this course, students should be able to independently compile Python programs and solve related problems, such as table data processing and data visualization.

What's more, common python modules can be used competently.


  • 1. Introduction to PythonIntroduction
  • 1.1 What is Python
  • 1.2 Python features
  • 1.3 How to use Python
  • Exam
  • 2. Python BasicIntroducción
  • 2.1 Python basics
  • 2.2 Python data type
  • 2.3 Control flow statement
  • 2.4 Function
  • 2.5 Class and Object Exam
  • 3. Advanced PythonIntroduction
  • 3.1 Regular expressions
  • 3.2 E operations / S
  • 3.3 Exception
  • 3.4 Generators and Decorators
  • 3.5 Common Standard Libraries 3.6 Data Structure Exam
  • 4. Common Third Party Libraries Introduction
  • 4.1 Library installation method
  • 4.2 Numpy
  • 4.3 Pandas
  • 4.4 Matplotlib
  • 4.5 Scipy
  • 4.6 Scikit-learn
  • 5. Python experimentIntroduction
  • 5.1 python experiment

About the Huaweii company

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  • Huawei make sure that learning neverstop during thisCOVID-19 period . As part ofprograma Learn ON, Huawei is bringing together university professors, UNESCO experts, best practices to reduce the impact of the pandemic on education.
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  • Diversified quality online course(more of 250 Chinese and English online courses)

This course is free on the Huawei platform. To obtain it you must first register.

You will be asked for a phone number to validate your identity, once you do, you will be able to access the platform to register for the course.

If you want to access the course, click on the following button:

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