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Computer vision is a field of technology that deals with computer vision, that tries to simulate the visual system of a human being.

Uses machine learning to recognize patterns in an image or video to find valuable information.

For example, Have you ever wondered how smart vehicles know that there is another vehicle or someone in front of them??

Okay, rely mainly on sensors, but also in artificial vision processes which are capable of detecting shapes in images and video in real time and knowing how to discern if what is in front of them is a ball or a stop warning.

It is also used in medicine to look for patterns in medical images such as traces of a disease or injury that under normal vision could go unnoticed..

Python has become a very popular programming language in the field of computer vision and thanks to code libraries with OpenCV it has had a great impact on the development of new technologies that depend on computer vision.

OpenCV en Google Colab using Python

Image processing in OpenCV using Google Colab and implementation of practical algorithms in images

Who is this course for?

  • Engineering students who want to learn OpenCV and image processing.
  • Professionals who want to understand and learn about image processing.
  • Professionals who want to learn to work with google colab and openCV
  • Students and professionals who work in the different domains and want to learn Image Processing and OpenCV to integrate it into their projects or products.


  • Basic Python

What you will learn

  • Image processing with Google Colab and OpenCV
  • Execution of image processing algorithms in OpenCV such as image threshold and color detection
  • Drawing functions in OpenCV

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