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When we decide to enter software development we must know that a successful project depends on many factors.

The main is planning, budget, languages ​​used and much more. But something that would be seen without much importance also directly includes in the success of a software development. We talk about our work area or development environment.

A development environment is the set of software tools to develop x project. For example, if we want to develop for Android it is necessary to have the appropriate programming languages, in addition to an emulator to test our application.

It is normal for each programming language to have its own code editor or integrated development environment (HERE), for example, Python recommends Pycharm, with Java it could be Eclipse, and so we could continue.

But, What if we don't want to use an editor for each programming language? Okay, if a project is large it is normal to use different programming languages ​​and constantly changing code editor can be confusing.

In this case we recommend Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code is an optimized code editor with support for development operations such as debugging, task execution and version control.

Its goal is to provide only the tools a developer needs for a quick cycle of code creation and debugging and leaves more complex workflows to IDE with more comprehensive features, as Visual Studio IDE.

Visual Studio Code

Everything you need to know about Visual Studio Editor

Who is this course for?

  • Beginning to advanced students who want to learn Visual Studio Code


  • Willingness to have fun and learn!
  • Access Visual Studio Code

What you will learn

  • Download Visual Studio Code for free
  • Configure Visual Studio code
  • Install Visual Studio Code for macOS
  • Install Visual Studio Code for Linux
  • Install Visual Studio Code for Windows
  • User interface
  • Topics
  • Settings
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Reference Guide for macOS
  • Keyboard Shortcut Reference Guide for Linux
  • Keyboard Shortcut Reference Guide for Windows
  • And much more….

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