Women Rock IT: CISCO offers free programming courses, Linux and Cybersecurity to women interested in technology

The technology area, mainly speaking in programming has seen shocking changes over the years.

For example, In the beginning, access to computer systems and their education was mostly closed only to the male gender.

Fortunately, over the years this has been changing where until now both men and women have access to the same levels of education and access to technology.

With the advent and proliferation of the internet, anyone anywhere in the world has access to learning resources such as videos., books, courses and other material regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, boy or girl, or an older person.

Through time there have been women who have left their mark in the world of technology thanks to their great contributions not only to technology but to the advancement of humanity's progress., Here we leave you some examples:

1. Grace Hopper, “The mother of computing”

Grace Hopper He began working at the Harvard Computer Laboratory as part of the Naval Reserve.

His accomplishments include programming the Mark computer 1 that brought speed and precision to military initiatives; developed the first business-oriented machine (UNIVAC I), designed COBOL, which remains a data processing standard today; and the idea that computer code can be written and read as a language.

2. Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer

Ada Lovelace was considered not only the firstwoman computer programmer, but the first computer programmer.

She was a visionary of what programming and computers could eventually become. In fact, published the first algorithm intended to be performed by computer.

3. Katherine Johnson, NASA math

Katherine Johnson worked for NASA for more than 30 years, helping her successfully chart the flight paths of some of America's earliest space exploration expeditions, including John Glenn's orbital mission to the moon in 1961.

According to Johnson, his most successful contribution to space exploration was the calculations that helped synchronize Project Apollo's Lunar Module with the Command and Service Module in lunar orbit..

Year after year more women make more contributions to technology, which we consider amazing and we encourage all men and women to continue contributing their knowledge and skills to a better world.

Supported by this, CISCO has launched a new education program, with which she wants to motivate and empower women in the technology industry by offering courses and live events to increase their interest in this field.

CISCO offers various courses and events on Basic notions of networks, Python programming, Introduction to cybersecurity, Introduction to the Internet of Things, Linux Essentials y Entrepreneurship.

The program with the name of Women Rock IT offers quality material in areas of technology.

Basic notions of networks

Thanks to new technologies, networks are getting smarter, programmable and controlled by software.

Networking Academy courses support this evolution and expose students to new concepts and practical experiences. Learn basic networking concepts and skills that you can put to use right away, no need for prior network knowledge.

Fundamentals of Python programming

Python is the versatile object-oriented programming language used by tech giants and entrepreneurs, like Google, Facebook, Dropbox e IBM. Python is also recommended for young developers with career advancement ambitions in security areas, networks and Internet of things.

Duration: 70 hours

Introduction to cybersecurity

The demand for cybersecurity experts has grown 3,5 times faster than any other technical role.

With billions of devices now online, new threats appear every second, and the demand for cyber defenders will continue to increase rapidly.

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

The demand for IoT experts is expected to increase 82-87% for 2020.

Do you want to make a difference in this world with your professional career? invest in gaining IoT skills.


We all worry about certain problems. Which ones do you care about? Poverty, inequality, climate change? As an entrepreneur, your business can impact markets, economies and communities.

Take this course to develop business thinking skills that enhance your job opportunities and advance your career.

Linux Essentials

Linux powers the 99,6% of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

The Linux course that teaches from scratch. No prior Linux or coding knowledge required.

Learn from the world's most popular operating systems and expand your IT career opportunities.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is go to the platform and enter your contact information to register on the platform.

Can only women participate?

The Women Rock IT program is mainly aimed at women who feel an interest in the area of ​​technology, networks and programming.

Can I participate if I am a man?

Although the program is oriented to women, if you are a man you can also register as a student and participate in the program.

Does it have any cost?

Both virtual events and courses are completely free.

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