Xiaomi closes its physical stores due to the Coronavirus

The topic of the Coronavirus has been the headline in for several days, and it is clear that it is due to the great problem that governments face to keep their population safe in terms of health issues. China was the country where the first cases were detected, and the suspicion with which any person or article from that country is observed is clear.

In terms of products and technology, in China, Xiaomi host country, the company has been tasked with closing all of its offline stores there as of today, 28 from January, in order to help prevent and control the malignant entity.

Partly it is a good decision from Xiaomi, this because it is an effort to have the minimum contact between people, and thereby reduce the contagion rate. Closing their physical stores, forces its employees not to attend them and to stay at home.

The manufacturer has communicated this through promotional material, in which he describes his break and gives other purchase options as a method.

The translation is as follows:

Affected by the epidemic situation, to cooperate with governments at all levels to do a good job in preventing and preventing epidemics, to respond comprehensively and actively to national policies and measures, and also for the health of your family and friends around us, we decide carefully:

  • 1. The Xiaomi House throughout the country will be closed from 28 of January of 2020 (the fourth day) until the 2 February 2020 (the ninth day). Will resume operations on 3 February 2020 (the tenth day), and you will be notified separately if there are any adjustments.
  • 2. If you need to buy products, buy them from Xiaomi official website or Xiaomi Mall app. Logistics will be delivered normally. Because of the holidays, logistics aging will be delayed.
  • 3. If you need after-sales service, Mark 4001005678. Xiaomi will provide a free postal service after the sale ”.

After reading the statement, It is clear that Xiaomi's services in physical stores will be postponed until 3 february.

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