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Use Excel VBA to Transform Excel Sheet Into a User-Friendly Interface in 30 Minutes Without ANY Programming Experience.


You may have needed to create your own program based on an idea that you had in mind or an existing Excel sheet, but the challenge has always been that learning a programming language can be a long process that consumes A LOT OF TIME!!

Using Excel VBA can make this process much simpler, especially when you can make your Excel spreadsheet have the interface of a Standalone Computer Program.

In this course, you will learn how to achieve this goal by applying all the steps you’ll need to learn on an actual Excel sheet using Excel VBA. We made sure that every lecture is straight to the point to make this course as short as possible to save your time while still providing you with what you’re looking for. So, you’ll basically learn how to do this with your Excel sheet within about 30 MINUTES.

Student Reviews

★★★★★  «Honestly speaking, I first enrolled the course – as an advanced Excel user – not really curious to learn much in a very short course like this. My intention was just to see how other people still have to say about Excel that I don’t know. Guess what! I was initially thrilled by how perfect the script and the pronunciation of the speaker are. I started the course while I was in my house car park aiming to just listen while I drive. Let me surprise you again! I didn’t leave the car park until I finished the whole course. It was really amazing and informative and really really gave me something I was not sure if it really exists. BIG «thank you» to Mr. Hossam Magdy who obviously has a confident and competent tone and knowledge. I would highly recommend this course.» — Mohammed R.

★★★★★  «I am 71 and do a fair amount of computer playing. I normally do buy courses that are this short but something seem to jump out at me about the possibilities of the course. I listened to the previewed portions and found my instructor able to teach at a pace anyone could do. I am glad I took it and recommend it to all looking. If you are a dabbler in the market of product ,check it out. Excellent!! LD Wickline» — Larry W.

★★★★★  «Wow, what an interesting course! I never knew that you could do this much with Excel. The instructor is fantastic, very cooperative, and explained everything clearly and concisely.» — Samiul I.

★★★★★  «The course is so interesting. I like the way it’s presented with test questions after every module. It creates more understanding of the topic.» — Ssebuliba J.

★★★★★  «Very short and simple method to make Excel files as a standalone. The instructor was very clear in his explanations and very easy to follow. Further there was quizzes and assignments to reinforce our learning.» — Asif D.

★★★★★  «Great course. Quick and extremely easy to follow, especially for a total beginner. I would easily recommend to anyone looking to make their Excel workbook look like a standalone app.» — Sarah G.

★★★★★  «Straight to the point and very applicable to Excel projects to make it more professional as a Standalone program.» — Satrio Haryo P.

★★★★★  «Short, straight to the point and most-importantly, informative.» — Grant W.

★★★★★  «Awesome never knew we could do this, definitely a good boost at office, thanks!» — Karthik B.

★★★★★  «Great info, learning something new and very useful» — Gareth A.

★★★★★  «Wonderful Start and Attract Actions make you need more» — Khalid A.

★★★★★  «This is really amazing and am grateful to you.» — Onyebuchi Chukwuma I.

★★★★★  «Unbelievable learning.» — Shadman S.

★★★★★  «Simple to follow.» — Immanuel T.

★★★★★  «Excelente. Meu muitíssimo obrigado!» — Maik Júnior D.

★★★★★  «Excelente todo, agregaría en la descripción que no enseñan fórmulas. Muy recomendable, y el profesor tmb, enseguida responde todas las consultas.» — Paula R.

What will I learn when I take this course?

  • How to write Excel VBA codes that perform automated tasks.

  • Change the interface of any Excel sheet to a user-friendly interface that looks like an independent computer program using Excel VBA.

  • Create and customize Excel buttons and their functions using Excel VBA.

  • Change your Excel sheet icon to make it seem like a standalone program on the outside.

Now is your chance to learn how to do all of this within 30 minutes! In addition to this, you will get a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case the course does not meet your expectations! This means that you literally got NOTHING TO LOSE and SO MUCH TO GAIN! Add to Cart NOW to not miss this opportunity to impress your colleagues with your program interface!

Excel VBA – Make Excel Look Like a Standalone Program 2022

Use Excel VBA to Transform Excel Sheet Into a User-Friendly Interface in 30 Minutes Without ANY Programming Experience.»

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