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Design & Animate 21 Process flow, Timeline, Title slides in PowerPoint presentation with custom fonts & graphic designs

Design and Animate 20+ Unique and Modern PowerPoint presentation slides in PowerPoint 2016 or PowerPoint 2019 or Office 365, which adheres to the latest design procedures.

  1. Do you feel, your presentation looks too generic, besides whatever customization you do?

  2. Are you getting troubled in choosing the best color combinations for text and other elements?

  3. Do you find it hard to get high quality royalty free stock images for your presentations?

  4. Do you know that your presentations are not modern, if you are not using Icons, vectors and Mockups?

  5. Do you think that you lack design and animation skills?

  6. Is it getting too long to create or edit PowerPoint presentations?

Then, this is the apt course for you. The above 6 are the common issues faced in modern slide designs. This course resolves that easily, quickly and also in the best organized way possible.


Erik S Carlson – «The lectures are well thought out and practical for use in a business environment.  I was able to apply the technique immediately with great success.  It truly elevated my PowerPoint game and my peers were asking how I turned a very dry presentation into something so interesting.»

Ahmed Saaed Ahmed Al-maari – «This guy is amazing .. WOW No comment !!!! … he is very expert in every single tool of powerpoint not only this , he is an artist … he choose the best color merge it with other color to come up with unique is astonishing combination .. i would strongly recommend this course to all 5 starts in advance»


1. Discussing and Resolving common issues faced in Modern slide designs. In the first 1 hour, you’ll get free access to all types of modern design elements that we will use in our course, such as editable icons, vectors, stock images, mockups and custom fonts. You’ll also learn to import and edit those elements in PowerPoint

2. In the next 1 hour, you’ll learn all the Essential Design Skills and Animation skills in the best practical way possible, as you’ll implement all these skills, simultaneously in designing and animating your first modern slide. This 1 hour will fast forward any beginner to intermediate level.

3. In the 3rd hour, you’ll master the Advanced design and animation skills in PowerPoint along with secret design tips and time saving tricks, where even an expert would become a pro-expert.

4. Next comes the Exclusive content. You will design and animate 15 more Modern slides including, 

  • 4 Advanced multipoint slides – Replace long text with just 4 modern animated design elements

  • 6 Business Process Flow slides – Shine in business meetings. Present business process flows in style.

  • 4 Timeline Slides – No more tables or boring snapshots. Present your growth with stunning animations

5. Assignment activities to master your design and animation skills in PowerPoint. The entire curriculum is crafted carefully to keep you engaged till the end of the course. 

You won’t be learning tools or design skills plainly. Once you learn them, we will immediately put them into practice in slide design and assignment activities.

Gary Perez – «I’ve learned new skills with this course which I can definitely apply to my future projects. It was easy to follow and definitely another impressive way to design a presentation. Kudos to the instructor!»

Diana Parsons – «Even the simple things are taught in a great way»

Taiwo Damilare – «Awesome designs with powerpoint. Always wonder how these designs are done, now I know better! Very nice.»


  • Do you make presentations at your job or office or even online?

  • Have you ever wondered how to convert your boring presentations into industry standard top notch presentations?

Then this is the ultimate course that you’d need, to make stellar presentations that impact the minds of your audience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, it doesn’t matter, this course will make any beginner into an expert and will also show any expert, a completely different perspective, of how to use those expertise to design modern presentations.

This is a complete and comprehensive course, incorporating all necessary tools and resources. You just need to only one thing.

Download all the free resources as said in our course and design the powerpoint slides along with me.


Candace Cohen – «This is an AWESOME course! I have learned so much in the first 15 minutes. I am excited to finish the rest of the course! If you do any PowerPoint presentations, you have to watch the course.»

Eric Nascimento – «Took me just a few hours to complete the course but I must say I’m surprised by its content. The author is very talented and can easily keep your attention throughout the course.»

Marcel van Laarhoven – «I did not think it would be interesting to watch PowerPoint design, but the  presenter has some really good tips and tricks.  Good to see a professional at work.»

Alex Clark – «I was prompted for a review after watching the first lesson. This course is really good so far. Easy to learn from and the tips are high quality. The instructor’s hand gesture game in the intro video is level 10+ as well. Take this course if you want to learn some good Powerpoint skills. You won’t be disappointed. Good course my friend!»

Modern PowerPoint Slide Design and Animation for Beginners

Design & Animate 21 Process flow, Timeline, Title slides in PowerPoint presentation with custom fonts & graphic designs»

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