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Learn To Trade The Stock Market, using this simple structured trading technique

In this course, you will learn how the Stock Market works, how to make money trading stocks, techniques needed to trade the stock market. This course is designed for beginners up to advance level traders looking to join the market and setup their trading business with goals to make passive income or participants who are looking to trade the market actively on a daily basis.

We are aware of long boring courses that students have gone through and still cannot place their first trade.

We aware of courses that make you an expert on paper (Theoretical guru), knowing all the big terms, technical words, analytical jargon, but never translates to actual success or profit

In this course, we start off by covering basic concepts and work our way up to more advanced level material in a simplified, organized and practical format.

The stock market can be overwhelming, technical and sometimes challenging when you are trying to grasp everything at once before starting. You do not need to know everything before you start profiting in the stock market. We have proof of this concept; hence we have crafted something very different, structured, simple and straightforward for everyone to understand and benefit from.

By the end of this course, you will completely understand how the Stock Market works structurally with over 300 charts examples. You will understand what a Stock is, you will understand the different sizes of companies listed on the stock exchange and how to take advantage of these classifications to make money every day. You will understand why you need a Broker, how the Brokers make money, what Exchanges are and how you can select the right exchanges. There are recommendations provided in the course resource section

You will learn about Orders to buy and sell stocks, stop strategies and profit taking strategies.

We then cover the only Technical Analysis component you need to know as a beginner. intermediate or Advanced trader including Charts and Candlesticks, Trends, Supports & Resistances, Chart Patterns, Volume, and Volume average weighted price (VWAP).

I provide a Simple Structured Trading Strategy that I have used in making a lot of money, based on a very simple, repeatable pattern in the stock market. A lot of successful traders use this pattern, this course teaches you the techniques to be ahead of the curve.

In this course we go into the concept of Deep Work. A technique that is designed to cut your learning curve from months into weeks if not days. Deep work is a subject that is never explained in any stock trading course (We Checked). SST Masterclass 2.0 is the only stock trading course that acknowledges the learning curve and is designed to speed up or cut your learning curve significantly.

We have provided 3000 stock tickers and 600+ ETFs and a workbook that will be used to practice the strategies taught in this course.

Our goal is to create profitable traders not expert theoretical analyst, who are only good on paper.

We go on to cover other important aspects in trading: Risk Management, Personality Management and Money Management. Here we teach you the concept of managing your risk, managing your portfolio while effectively managing your emotions, your biases and teach you the psychology behind managing yourself.

This course takes some time to add another concept that is not taught in any other stock trading course, which is the concept of organization. After doing extensive testing and working with various individuals, we created a section in this course teaching you the best techniques for organizing your trading business, and your trading platform to enable you trade seamlessly.

This course is a complete course with many excellent lessons covering all areas of stock trading. This course is designed to go from being a beginner or intermediate level trader to a profitable and successful trader at your own pace, all in one course!

At the end of the course, you will gain confidence, avoid mistakes, set yourself up for success and place your first trade.

Trading the stock market and making money can be addictive, fun and rewarding when you do it the right way.

This course has been crafted with care. I appreciate your interest and hope to see you in the course!

Grab your pen and notepad and click the button, let’s get started!

Simple Structured Trading Masterclass 2.0

Learn To Trade The Stock Market, using this simple structured trading technique»

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