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Learn how to become a skilled and admired songwriter of music people will love.

This songwriting course is a labor of love. Written during the pandemic and over a year in production, Write Your First (or Next) Great Song Now is a comprehensive and inspiring road map for becoming a powerful and confident working songwriter. So, what does that mean? A «working songwriter» is someone who regularly writes and performs highly original songs that garner recognition and accolades from peer musicians, fans, venues and press alike. The majority of people you will compete with for stage time typically play covers. Writing head-turning, beautifully crafted songs sets you apart, elevating you to the upper ranks of visibility and respect.

This course is designed and structured to get you there as quickly as possible–giving you everything you need to do the work and make it happen. The only missing ingredient is you. Your passion. Your energy and commitment. Your unique voice. Complete all the assignments and the 8-Step songwriting process and you will be well on your way with a calling card in hand that confirms for all who hear it that you are a songwriter.

Thousands of people on any given day are dreaming of becoming songwriters. The difference is in the doing. Seize this moment. Right now. And begin turning your dream into the daily, life-affirming reality of the working songwriter.

Course Highlights:

  • Nearly 7 hours of on-camera teaching across more than 90 highly structured lectures (no Powerpoints!)

  • Packed with practical theory, real world examples, and hands-on exercises so you can move quickly and confidently forward on your songwriting journey

  • Learn everything you need to know to start and complete a high quality song by the end of the course

  • Self-paced and available 24/7

  • Works on a Mac, PC, and a variety of other devices

  • Purchase risk-free with Udemy’s 30-day money back guarantee

Major Course Sections Include:

  • Start Simply. Simply Start.

    • You Are a Songwriter

    • What Are Your Goals?

  • Finding Inspiration

    • Creativity and The Muse

    • The Whole Mentor/Apprentice Thing

    • Don’t Borrow. Steal!

  • Let’s Jump In: Write a Simple 3 Chord Scratch Draft Song

  • Writing the Music First

    • The Not-So-Secret Songwriter’s Super Hot Sauce For Success

    • Guitar Chords and Theory

    • Rhythm, the Pulse, and Time Signatures

    • Major and Minor Keys

    • Writing Chord Progressions

    • Writing Melodies That Move People

  • Writing the Words First

    • What Are You Going To Write About?

    • Points of View

    • Types of Songs

    • Telling Tales: Friction Creates Fiction

    • Character In Action

    • Rhyme-Scheming

  • The Elements of Song Structure and How To Use Them

  • Editing and Performance-Proofing Your Song

  • Building On Your Momentum

8 Steps To Finishing Your Song:

  • STEP 1: Write Your Song’s Progression

  • STEP 2: Choose Your Song’s Rhythm

  • STEP 3: Find Your Melody

  • STEP 4: Write Verses 1 and 2

  • STEP 5: Write Your Chorus

  • STEP 6: Write a Bridge

  • STEP 7: Building Out Your Verses

  • STEP 8: Editing Your Song


  • Assignment #1: Let’s Write Our First Verse Together

  • Assignment #2: First Chord Progression

  • Assignment #3: Sneak Up On It

  • Assignment #4: Steal Something

  • Assignment #5: Choose Your Mentor

  • Assignment: #6: Rhyme-Mapping The Master

Extra | Motivator Videos (for when you need a boost!):

Motivator: Nothing Is Missing

Motivator: Space and Routine

Motivator: Make Time

Motivator: Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Motivator: Stick The Landing

Motivator: Fear of Failure

Songwriting: Write Your First (or Next) Great Song Now

Learn how to become a skilled and admired songwriter of music people will love.»

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