Cybersecurity is an important field.

Anyone in this field knows that it is always better to develop your own tools for vulnerability scanning and analysis, and this is where Python comes in, although it is not the strongest language in this field, its simplicity has given it a huge boost in this area.

While anyone can learn from numerous online sources, this is how NSA created its own Python learning material and even encourages the public to search for it.

Chris Swenson is a software engineer, who filed an application with the NSA under his Freedom of Information Act right.

This Law allows any citizen to access public documents that have not previously been published. Here, Swenson obtained the material and converted it to a full digital copy.

Online courses and tutorials to learn how to program in Python

Swenson digitize most of the document and use OCR to find the most important information.

“Leisurely pace, for instance during a weekly brown bag lunch.” Further, “If you don’t know any programming languages ​​yet, Python is a good place to start. If you already know a different language, it’s easy to pick Python on the side. Python isn’t entirely free of frustration and confusion, but hopefully, you can avoid those parts until long after you get some good use out of Python. ”

Says the NSA about the Python course
If you want to access the documents, you can choose one of the following options: Digital Oceans Spaces and Internet Archive.

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