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Get Ready for the Meta Media Buying Professional Exam. Stand out in your Field. Boost your Resume, Credibility & Career.

Get Ready to Pass the 410-101: Meta (Former Facebook) Certified Media Buying Professional Exam

This Course will take you through the Skills needed to help prepare you for the Media Buying Professional Exam Content. This Course includes Face2face Explanations, animated Study Guides with professional Voice-over, multiple choice Quizzes & mock Exam Training.

Certification helps you stand out in your field.

Meta (Facebook) Blueprint Certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, giving you a chance to demonstrate your professional expertise. Getting certified is the highest level of accreditation that Facebook recognizes in digital marketing.

Prepare to boost your resume, credibility and career.

This Course will help prepare you for the Meta (Facebook) Certified Media Buying Professional Exam, which measures your competency in designing an end-to-end Meta (Facebook) marketing strategy that aligns with business goals and complements a holistic marketing plan.

What is 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Exam?

This exam identifies candidates who possess advanced competency in the skills, tools, advertising policies, and best practices required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Exam duration: 105 minutes, 60 multiple choice questions.

Exam audience: digital media buyers, account salespeople, account managers, account executives, marketing executives, social media managers, brand marketers and marketing consultants.

410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Course structure:

  1. Exam information

  2. General introductory explanations with multiple choice quizzes

  3. In-Depth study guide with multiple choice quizzes

  4. 2x Mock exam practice with 60 questions (105 minutes test), strictly following practice tests from Meta Company

Certification Exam Content Outline

Before attempting to become a Meta (Facebook) Blueprint certified professional, you need to practice the following skills.

Campaign Planning (48%)

  • Explain fundamentals of Facebook buying

  • Align Facebook campaign to business goals

  • Given a scenario, determine when and how to use the Facebook pixel, SDK, and Offline Conversions

  • Given a scenario, determine target audience

  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate measurement method and/or reporting platform based on the business goal

  • Given a scenario, determine appropriate ad format and if creative aligns with creative considerations

  • Adhere to Facebook policies

Setup (22%)

  • Articulate the capabilities of Business Manager

  • Given a scenario, choose the appropriate campaign setup

  • Determine when and where to apply tracking parameters based on the desired business goal

Optimization (18%)

  • Given a scenario, analyze campaign performance to determine optimization opportunities

  • Given a scenario, utilize best practices to optimize Facebook campaigns by adjusting advertiser controls

Measurement and Reporting (12%)

  • Apply available options when building ad reports

  • Given a scenario, analyze measurement study reports

  • Given a scenario, determine how to adjust future campaigns based on campaign results

Certified candidates post exam process:

After successfully completing a certification exam, you’ll receive an email from CertMetrics within 24 hours letting you know.

You’ll also receive an email from Acclaim (our credential partner) containing your official certified digital badge with instructions on how to accept and promote your accomplishment across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

FAQ – Meta Certified Media Buying Professional

Is there a cost associated with becoming a Meta Certified Media Buying Professional?

The Meta (Facebook) Certification exams cost up to the equivalent of $150 USD for professional exams and up to the equivalent of $99 USD for associate exams. The actual cost may differ by country. You’ll see the cost displayed during the checkout process.

Where do I go to take the Media Buying exam?

Go to the Meta Certified Media Buying Professional page to register for your Media Buying certification exam.


Discover Commerce Specialist Badge

After you’ve earned your Meta Media Buying Professional Certification, you have the opportunity to earn a Discovery Commerce Specialist badge. Build the knowledge to turn discovery into demand and grow your client’s business.

Become a Discovery Commerce Specialist

Offered to Facebook Certified Media Buying Professionals only, this badge gives certified learners an opportunity to expand their skill set in Discovery Commerce. This includes mastering the skills to help deliver personalized experiences, relevant & engaging creative, frictionless purchases and impactful measurement on Facebook.

FAQ – Meta Discovery Commerce Specialist

Is there a cost associated with becoming a Certified Discovery Commerce Specialist?

The courses and assessments built for this topic are free; however, to obtain the Discovery Commerce Specialist badge, you will have to become a Facebook certified Media Buyer.

How long is the Discovery Commerce assessment?

The assessment is made up of 20 multiple choice questions.

How much time do I have to complete the assessment?

There is no time limit for course or assessment completion.

Official Resources used for this Course Creation:

  • Official Meta (Facebook) Blueprint 410-101 Media Buyer Professional Information

  • Official Meta (Facebook) Blueprint 410-101 Media Buyer Professional Study Guide

  • Official Meta (Facebook) Blueprint 410-101 Media Buyer Practice Tests

This Course is not the official Meta Company Course. It is not associated with Meta Company. However, this Course is strictly following official Meta Blueprint resources and exam practice tests.

410-101 Meta (Facebook) Certified Media Buying Professional

Get Ready for the Meta Media Buying Professional Exam. Stand out in your Field. Boost your Resume, Credibility & Career.”

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