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Learn hands-on, step by step tutorials on Backbone JS fundamentals and also create applications using it.

The entire course has been covered in a single unit. The course will begin with a brief introduction to Backbone JS. In the introduction, the educator will be explaining the purpose of this library and how it endorses the development of complicated web applications in a sophisticated manner. After the introduction part, we will start doing things practically. The educator will show you how to get started with Backbone JS and how to set up things. Once everything is up and starts working, we will be jumping to explore some of the examples. To make it very easy for the trainees to understand the concepts, we have included various examples that are selected carefully so that it could emit a complete idea about any particular concept. We have also added some of the sample questions that you will need to solve at your end. Though there will be some hints associated with the questions, you will need to execute it in your system. This will be almost three-hour-long video training which includes everything that one needs to know to begin working with Backbone JS. After completing this Backbone JS Tutorial, you will find it very easy to endorse the development of simple or complex web applications with the help of this library.

Backbone JS can be defined as a JavaScript library that enables one to develop the client-side application which could be very simple and easy to interact with. It helps in developing the user interface in a sophisticated manner preventing the developers from messing up the large code written for the user interface. It leverages JavaScript functions to provide various functionalities. It is entirely based on the model-view-presenter application paradigm. It is open-source which means there is no cost associated with using this and it contains an ample number of extensions. It also manages the data model as the data provided by the server is present in the client-side by making the appropriate changes in it. It is very simple to work with and with the help of this library one can develop and manage the sheer complicated web applications.

Backbone JS is very simple to understand and anyone with a bit of idea about JavaScript will be able to master this very easily. In this course, we have included all the concepts that must be understood by one to become experts in this technology. You will get to learn about the fundamentals of Backbone JS at the beginning of this course followed by all the medium and advanced level concepts. You will learn how to leverage the inbuilt JavaScript functions to introduce any features while UI development. The examples used in this Backbone JS Tutorial are the main source of understanding and all of them taken collectively will give you a broad level of understanding regarding this technology. To offer you hands-on experience, we have included some of the questions and minor projects completing which will ensure that you are ready to work using this technology to draft solutions for the organizational problem linked to these offerings of this library.

Backbone JS Tutorial for Beginners

Learn hands-on, step by step tutorials on Backbone JS fundamentals and also create applications using it.”

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