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SEO complete Guideline: Establish your SEO Home Based Business from Scratch

Hello everyone, Welcome to the course ! I am thrilled to have you on-board. You’re going to be a valuable asset , and i can’t wait to see all that you accomplish. In this course, I’m going to be showing you and teach everything that is needed to set up and run your own profitable SEO agency.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. What that means in non-robot/internet nerd terms is that the content, for example, a website or website page, is optimized for search engines to read, understand, and categorize the content.

As a home services provider, you serve a specific area, or specific service areas. You want customers within that area, and potential customers want a service provider in their local area. No one wants to have to wait for two hours for a service provider to drive to them for an emergency repair, they want someone in their town. That’s why local SEO matters, so people in your area can find you. They are searching for service providers and using location indicators in their searches: “roof repair near me,” “roof repair Muskegon,” etc.

SEO is also crucial for getting to the top of that search results page. There are thousands, perhaps millions, of service businesses like yours in the world, and they’re all trying to rank for the most common keywords for your industry. That’s a lot of competition, and you’d have to pour in more time, energy, and money than it’s worth to end up at the very top of the page for a general keyword.

So you can be confident that what you are learning in this course is indeed used in the real world and does actually work. This stuff is super, super powerful and has provided me with the freedom to live my life on my own terms. I’m not just going to give you the theory and leave it up to you to figure out I’m actually going to be showing you every single thing step-by-step from the strategies so you may become successful.

How to determine your prices, how to invoice clients, how to handle client reporting on top of that, I’ll even show you and I’ll give you exact SEO proposal template.

I’m also going to dive into the income potential, and I’m also going to go through exactly what is required. And lastly, I’m going to cover the options you have when it comes to monetize an SEO.

So, SEO is one of the best ways for home services pros to reach future customers, so if you’re ready to start implementing SEO best practices, you need to get enrolled for this course.

Alright ! so Let’s dive in !! Happy Learning

Starting SEO as your Home Based Business

SEO complete Guideline: Establish your SEO Home Based Business from Scratch”

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