Free Course: Learn And Develop Applications With Python

This course is aimed at all those people, be they students or professionals, who want to learn about this great programming language.

The course is taught by Carlos Blanco Gómez, which is Full-Stack Developer.

Very complete course where we will see the most basic part and progressively continue with the structured programming, and then continue with object-oriented programming and we will finish with the final end-of-year project learning database

Carlos Blanco

Course content

  • Basic principles
    • Introduction
    • Variable and operators
    • If/else
    • Nested conditionals
    • Bucle While
    • Bucle for
    • List data
  • Structured programming
    • Features
    • Functions with parameters
    • Return data functions
    • List type parameter functions
    • Tuple data
    • Nested lists and tuples
    • Dictionary data structure
    • Dictionary with list and tuple values
    • Ready portions and tuples
    • Negative index in list and tuples
  • Object-oriented programming
    • Python standard library
    • Import functionalities of a module
    • Own application with several modules
    • Classes and objects
    • Class constructor method
    • Method call from another method of the same class
    • Collaboration between classes
    • Inheritances
    • Class variables
    • Str method
    • Redefinition of mathematical operators
    • Redefinition of relational operators
    • Objeto file
    • Send mail with Python
  • End of course project and nomgodb database
    • NomgoDB database configuration, pymongo and creation of main project file
    • Módulo Insert
    • Módulo read
    • Módulo update
    • Delete module

This course has a total of 36 video-courses with an approximate duration of 4 hours.

With a valuation of 4.4/5 stars.

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