Free Course: Learn React.Js The Easy Way

If you are a student or professional and you want to know what you need to know to be able to make your own applications with React, Is this course for you.

The course, would be taught by Pablo Monteserín, Teacher.

In just over an hour of the course you will acquire the necessary knowledge to start creating your applications with React. If you have a good Javascript base, you will be able to complete this course as who sees a chapter of Friends, without hardly stopping the videos to take notes or defer explanations.

Pablo Monteserin

The contents of this course are the foundations that are present in any React course, presented that yes, concisely and clearly. With tips and advice for you to adopt the best programming practices with React.

Pablo Monteserin

This React course is developed using hooks instead of object-oriented programming, as recommended from Facebook. This is the most efficient and simple way to program in React, and that will allow us to follow the course much easier than if we used object-oriented programming.

Pablo Monteserin

To follow the course I recommend that you use the Visual Studio Code editor. This free editor will adapt perfectly to our needs.

Pablo Monteserin

Course content

  • React Course
    • Install required software
    • Create our first project
    • JSX code
    • useRef
    • useState
    • Components (edit)
    • Props
    • Conditional rendering
    • Upload an image
    • Styles
    • React Router
    • Fetch API
    • Context API

The course, has a total of 13 videos, with an approximate total duration of 2 hours.

If you are part of this course, with a valuation of 4/5 stars.

You just have to register, and you can now access the course totally FREE. What are you waiting for!

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It should be noted that the course is free for a limited time, later, you will have to make a payment.

Certifying yourself on this platform has an extra cost.

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