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Software development is usually accompanied by two basic factors: The graphical interface and the backend functionality.

All modern programming languages ​​allow the creation of graphical interfaces using their own functionalities., although in some cases the developers lean towards some languages ​​to work exclusively with the interfaces.

The development of graphical interfaces usually starts from the creation of code in which basic properties such as size are described, orientation, color and so on.

For novice programmers it can be a bit of a laborious and complicated job to design the interfaces from pure code.

Fortunately, there are programming languages ​​that allow you to develop the basic functionalities of a program and easily add graphic elements..

We refer to the functionalities of "drag and drop" pre-built elements with which the graphical interfaces are created, although this functionality depends mostly on the IDE or development environment.


For example, The Visual Basic .NET programming language allows you to create programming and at the same time develop graphical interfaces easily.

It is a highly recommended programming language for beginners. As my own experience it was the first programming language that I learned more than 6 years and I can still work with it without having to resort to documentation.

Visual Basic .NET is an object-oriented programming language that has the benefits of the .NET Framework, the programming model designed to simplify application programming in a highly distributed environment: Internet.

The Visual Basic .NET language is totally different from its predecessors, allows you to create desktop applications, Web and mobile.

Provides a full number of features to make application development really fast.

Learn to program with Visual Basic .NET 2021

Learn to program and develop applications with Visual Basic .Net and combine with SQL.

Who is this course for?

  • Developers
  • programmers
  • Students with a desire to learn to code
  • People who are starting in the world of programming


  • A Windows computer 8 onwards

What you will learn

  • Programming with Visual Basic .NET from the basics
  • Use the development environment (HERE) Visual Studio
  • Using concatenation and logical operators
  • Use of different types of data
  • Correctly use the different control structures
  • Install the development environment (HERE) Visual Studio
  • The use of variables
  • Learn the basics of the Visual Basic .NET programming language
  • Create desktop applications
  • Using arithmetic and comparison operators
  • Exceptions handling

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