Excel in 50 minutes: Learn the basics with this free beginner course

Excel is a program that allows you to create, as well as manipulate, all kinds of data tables, graphics, databases, etc.

The most interesting thing about this program is that you can develop a multitude of small advanced applications that will become powerful work tools.

Who is this class for?

‘Excel for beginners: learn the essentials in 50 minutes’ is designed for Microsoft Excel beginners who want to get familiar with the software in a short period of time.

If you haven't used Excel before, have limited experience with it or need to update the basics, This class will be perfect for you!

What am i going to learn?

In just 50 minutes you will learn to write formulas and functions, format spreadsheets, create charts and more! 

At the end of the class, you will have the knowledge and best practice tips you need to complete most of the basic tasks in Excel to get things done easily and efficiently.

The contents of the class are as follows:

  1. Introduction and benefits of Excel
  2. Basic formatting tips
  3. More cell formatting tips
  4. Simple functions you need to know
  5. Cell Reference Best Practices
  6. Why should you use conditional formatting
  7. How to remove duplicates
  8. Sum data based on criteria (SUMIFS)
  9. Find a value in a table (VLOOKUP)
  10. Combine text strings (CONCAT)
  11. Create charts
  12. Next steps

To access the course use the following button:

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